#1 Adelaide Advanced Rocketry Club Inc´╗┐

The AARC is the founding Section of the ARA Inc and has a very long history of serving rocketeers throughout South Australia. At this club can be most of the core body of ARA Inc exist with some members having 30 years + experience in designing, building and flying rockets. Formed in the early 90s as the Marlestone Rocketry Club the AARC has slowly evolved into what it is today, the AARC asset list is huge and it’s all available for use by it’s members at launches this includes Club rockets from 18mm to 75mm in single and dual deploy with some special payload capable for University’s and other organizations to launch projects etc, Launchers with 3mm -12mm Rod, 1010 & 1515 Rail, Vaughn Brothers 12 V Quadcon 4 channel Relay Launch panel with 150mtrs + Cable, 5 tier portable launcher for 1/2 A to G , Re loadable Solid propellant rocket motor casings and all available closures available from 18mm to 75mm for Aerotech RMS products, Hybrid ground control equipment with 29mm to 54mm Sky Ripper, Contrail and Aerotech hybrid and turbo motor systems available. Also available are altimeters, gps trackers,staging timers and radio trackers from such vendors as Altus Metrum , Perfectflite, Missile works & Featherweight, 90% of the AARC asset list has been from member donations both past and present and with this loyal support our inventory and capabilities are growing daily.

AARC at Spalding Launch site the first model rocket Launch site to be permanently listed on air maps in the World !!


Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program SHSSP 18

Not only has the Adelaide Advanced Rocketry Club Inc continued to support the local rocketry community, they have also done numerous collaborative projects for all kinds of events and organizations with the most recent being the Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program / SHSSP held at the University of South Australia Mawson lakes in conjunction with the International Space University / ISU. Being recommended by people they had helped previously the AARC were approached to organize all the necessary requirements for a model rocket competition as part of the SHSSP rocket design, build and fly program to be held at Lowe Farms, Pinkerton Plains, South Australia. Along side John Connolly from NASA the Leader and lecturer of the rocketry program Scott Pollock the president of the AARC overseen 50 participants from 30 nations selected into random teams of 5 with no rocketry experience whatsoever, design, build and fly model rockets with G size motors with either a 7sec delay or 10 sec delay. But there was a catch, John being from NASA he wasn’t letting these participants off the hook as easy that, his first stated objective was that they had to fly an egg with a participants personal phone and the two had to be touching each other in the payload bay of the rocket ! he then also added that the participants also had to fly their passports in there as well ! the class went silent, John let the class stew on this for a good 30 mins or more as participants started electing who was going to sacrifice their phone and who was going to maybe not get home by flying their passport with an egg ! The room was a buzz with decisions reluctantly taking place, then John made the announcement that the rule of flying their passport was a joke and he wouldn’t recommend that any international participants do this if they wanted to get home, the room that was previously feeling like a vacuum expanded with a sigh of relief and a lot of laughter as a result. So the participants set fourth using either Rocsim or open rocket to design their rockets, extra points were up for grabs for out of the ordinary designs and also for flying an elected member of each groups country flag where it could be visible on decent of rocket under parachute. Before the night was over 100% of the participants had a design in place and could now choose their parts from a nice supply of LOC Precision air frames, nose cones & parachutes, fins and centering rings for air frames selected were to be drawn out and were to be CNC cut the following day. Day two seen all participants pick up the epoxy and get busy building their creations, and even without prior experience in rocketry the participants accelerated through this task and painting and final touches were soon underway, as their creations came to fruition it was clearly visible that the excitement of the launch was setting in. Day three saw the participants and their rockets gathered up onto a bus destined for Lowe farms Pinkerton plains on a lovely 36 degree Adelaide summers day !! upon arrival at launch site where Michael Gerlach and Scott Pollock had launch site ready for action, the participants began to line up as Michael began loading motors into their rockets and sending them to the flight line where Scott was taking them out to the launch pad allowing some photo’s and clearing the launch zone before installing igniter and returning to launch controller with elected team member to fire their rocket. It was a proud feeling to watch every single rocket fly successfully and by the smiles on the participants faces as their creations headed skyward we knew it would be an experience they would never forget !!

Scott Pollock president of AARC with the winning team of SHSSP 18
Scott Pollock giving SHSSP 18 participants a run down of the AARC and what we do, as John Connolly makes the biggest possible rocket as an example out of LOC Precision parts.
X1 at Uni Sa converted into a rocket factory for SHSSP 18
SHSSP 18 Participants tending to their payload bay on their creation.
The Eye of the Tiger !!
Eye of the tiger on the pad and ready to go !!
Adelaide Crows Rocket at SHSSP 18
Liftoff at SHSSP 18
Scott Pollock & John Connolly at SHSSP 18 “AARC & ARA Inc meets NASA”
A very proud participant posing with her Remove Before Launch tag and her teams creation. That smile say’s it all !! @ SHSSP 18
Group photo at SHSSP 18 Lowe Farms Pinkerton Plains South Australia.